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Our Sponsors

Thanks to the generosity of Nat Bailey and to White Spot Restaurants Limited for their continued support, The White Spot Pipe Band has provided a fun and educational Pipe Band Music Program for 6 decades!

Nathaniel Ryal Bailey  (January 31, 1902 - March 27, 1978)

Born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, in 1902. Bailey moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1913 and in 1928 founded the first White Spot Restaurant. In 1963, Nat Bailey began his sponsorship of the Vancouver Optimist Pipe Band - which was re-named The White Spot Pipe Band.

The White Spot Pipe Band is proud to work alongside our Sponsor and show our support by playing at White Spot Ltd co-sponsored events, such as the Vancouver Giants Hockey games! 

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Province of BC Community Gaming Grants Branch

The continuous support and aid from the Province of BC Community Gaming Grants  are gratefully appreciated by the White Spot Pipe Band Society. This assistance allows us to educate and showcase the art of bagpipes and drums across British Columbia, Canada.


Royal Canadian legion branch 179

The White Spot Pipe Band Society is grateful for the support from the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 179 - Commercial Drive, Vancouver. With their aid, the Society is able to provide fun, social activities that foster friendship amongst band members.

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