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the white spot pipe band
& Highland Dancers

The White Spot Pipe Band Society is a non-profit organization based in Surrey, British Columbia. Maintaining continuous operation since its establishment in 1956,  the organization is comprised of a Celtic youth pipe band and highland dance troupe made up of players starting from the age of 8. Initially known as the Optimist Junior Pipe Band, the society adopted its current name in 1963 when White Spot Restaurants Ltd. assumed sponsorship. ​As the longest-running youth pipe band program of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, catering to all skill levels, the White Spot Pipe Band Society emphasizes a commitment to community involvement, personal growth and development, and the preservation of Scottish heritage, with the guiding principle of "Learn to Play, Play to Learn". 

The White Spot Pipe Band has offered training, motivation, and encouraged a love for music to thousands of young musicians for nearly 7 decades. Many of those youth are still playing in various pipe bands today as adults. Alongside pipers and drummers, the White Spot Pipe Band boasts a full-time highland dance troupe as part of its unique offerings, which distinguishes it as one of the few pipe bands in Canada to do so. 


The purpose

​The White Spot Pipe Band is a youth oriented program which focuses on providing young players with full instruction in piping, drumming and highland dancing, as well as cultivating self-esteem and enhancing life skills.

The program's ultimate goal is to equip its members with a strong sense of community involvement by exposing them to various community events and opportunities, setting them up for success long after their time with the band has ended. Our purpose is:

  • To provide a positive learning experiences in a fun environment that enable band members to develop their skills and knowledge in the art of piping, drumming, and dancing. 

  • To promote the art of piping, drumming and highland dancing within the community, by participating in and presenting the pipe band in a variety of performances and appearances throughout British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. 

  • To foster the continuous development of the band members' skills in piping, drumming and dancing, by participating in Highland Games within British Columbia and throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

The commitment

The White Spot Pipe Band Society is fully committed to inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility for all members of their program.

The society firmly believes that anyone in the community should have the opportunity to participate in their program, regardless of ethnicity, gender expression, sexual orientation, physical ability, financial status, or background. The society provides financial assistance to those who require it, ensuring that cost is not a barrier to participation.

The society acknowledges that some youth may have unique needs, and all considerations will be made to create a safe and welcoming environment for all members.


It is important to note that due to the sponsorship parameters of being a youth-based pipe band, there is a maximum age limit of 18 years. However, anyone who is interested in being a part of the program can join the White Spot Pipe Band Society and find a role to play, whether it be as a Instructor, volunteer, or supporter. 

the Program

The White Spot Pipe Band Society operates a comprehensive multi-level musical instruction program that teaches Scottish heritage music through bagpipes and drums. The program is designed to accommodate varying levels of experience and includes:

  • beginner lessons in piping, drumming and highland dancing for those with little or no experience.

  • a grade 5 competition band (when we have enough junior players)

  • a grade 4 competition band (comprised of our senior players)

  • a “parade band” that combines both our senior and junior players

  • and a performance highland dance troupe.

The program is facilitated by a team of talented and experienced Instructors who devote their time and passion to teaching the youth members and above.

meet our instructors

The Society

The White Spot Pipe Band Society is comprised of current player members' families, as well as any instructor and volunteer support person who has paid the society's annual  membership fee.

The Society is run by a group of parent volunteers who serve as an Executive Board, Directors, and a Band Manager. This group of volunteers maintain the day-to-day operation of the organization, from member registration, to performance scheduling, entrance into competitions,  fundraising, social events and more. 

Executive Board:

Sarah Watts - President
Ken Stratychuk - Vice-President

Kelly Fuller - Treasurer
Loni Starycki - Secretary

Band Manager:

Kyla MacNeil


Natalie Basiren
Riki Hume

Jason MacPherson
Nicola McGowan

Colin Masters

Michelle Mihailoff

Allison Schreiber

photo dancers_edited_edited.jpg

the uniform

White Spot Pipe Band & Highland Dancers are proud to wear the British Columbia Centennial tartan.

Band members wear a semi-formal traditional pipe band uniform that consists of a glengarry (cap), long-sleeve white shirt, WSPB tie, black vest, tartan kilt, black sporran (waist pouch), charcoal hose (socks), and ghillie brogues (shoes). 

Dance members wear a red velvet vest with silver braiding, over a white shirt with lace ruffles at the neck. They wear a tartan kilt, dancing hose, and black dancing shoes.

Beginner members wear a red polo shirt embroidered with our logo, black pants and black dress shoes.

Key uniform pieces are lent out to band members, and as one can imagine it is quite costly to outfit an entire band of youth - who often grow in size from year to year! We rely greatly on the generosity of our sponsors, performance bookings and by donations from the public in order to outfit our band.


Click HERE to go to our donations page.

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