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Group of 20 male and female youth smiling at the camera. Some are wearing a red and green kilted uniform and some are wearing a red polo shirt and black shorts. They stand in front of a silver and red CP rain caboose.


The White Spot Pipe Band Society, is a non-profit organization established in 1956. Initially named the Optimist Junior Pipe Band, it was renamed in 1963 when White Spot Restaurants Ltd. became its sponsor. We provide a Scottish youth pipe band musical program, competition pipe band, and a highland dance troupe for members aged 8 and up.

As the longest-running youth pipe band program in the Pacific Northwest, we are committed to community involvement, personal growth, and the preservation of Scottish heritage.

For nearly seven decades, we have inspired thousands of young musicians, many of whom continue to perform in pipe bands as adults. Additionally, our distinctive full-time highland dance troupe further sets us apart from other regional pipe bands.

White Spot Pipe Band & Highland Dancers
are based in Surrey, BC

We are actively accepting new players
for drumming, piping, and highland dancing!

"Learn to Play, Play to Learn"

upcoming events

The White Spot Pipe Band promotes the art of piping, drumming and highland dancing within our communities by participating in and performing at a variety of appearances throughout the year. 

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