Our Instructors   

Hal Senyk

Featured Instructor

We are proud to have Hal Senyk on board as an instructor with our band. Hal is a veteran piper and pipe major on the West Coast since the 1970's. He received his initial piping instruction in Montreal, then moved to Victoria in the early 1960's. Having played for the Canadian Scottish Regiment until 1971, Hal then went to live in Scotland and played with the legendary Muirhead & Sons Pipe Band, 5 time World Champion Grade 1. On Hal's return to the BC in 1972, he joined up with the fledgling Triumph Street Pipe Band, at that time a group of graduating Juvenile age players who held high ambitions. Over the next 20 years, Hal served as Pipe Major of the band for most of that time, as the newly formed band established itself as one of the premier Grade 1 bands in North America and the world. 

Kyla MacNeil 

Band Manager. Head Snare Drum Instructor. 

Amanda Darlington

Tenor Drumming.  Also plays for Portland Metro Pipe Band.

Hal Senyk

Piping Instructor. 

Curt Watts

Side Drumming.  

Iain Mack

Bass & Snare Drumming. 

Carl Hampson

Piping Instructor. 

Darren Rowley

Parent Association President

Graeme Vivian

Piping Instructor.

Chris Morris

Beginner Piping Instructor.

Megan Pike

Dance Instructor

Thistlebook Academy

Laura Barry

Piping Instructor.

Kelly Hossack
Austin Mayall-Johnson

Tenor Drumming.​ 

Parent Association Secretary