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White Spot Pipe Band

A piping band consists of a drum corps and the bagpipers.  Within the drum corps, you will find a bass drummer, tenor drummers, and snare or side drummers.  We are always looking for additions to our drum corps as well as to our group of pipers.  Whether you are brand new or have been practicing on your own or with another band or instructor, we welcome you to come give White Spot Pipe Band a try.

Bagpipes & Chanter

Newcomers to piping will start on the "chanter".  Once comfortable and guided by their instructor, they can then move up to the bagpipes.  If you're looking to join the band but don't own either one, don't fret.  The instructors and parent president will guide you every step of the way.  

Snare Drum/Side Drum

The Snare or Side drum is one of the most challenging drum to learn on which is why some choose to start with this one first and either love it and stay or move to another drum.  Don't know if this is for you, come play with one.  We start on drum pads.

Tenor Drums

The tenor drums require patience and coordination.  These are the drummers you see spinning their drum sticks high in the air with grace, flare, and impeccable timing.  Once again, we will start on drum pads and are always looking for more tenor drummers.

Our Highland Dancers

We know, dancing is not an "instrument" but we just love getting any opportunity to talk about our dancers.  Our highland dancers compete in the Highland Games every year, travel with the band and participate in all community events.  We love them and would love to add to this amazing group.

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