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Our History


The White Spot Pipe Band and Highland Dancers is a youth pipe band that has been in continuous operation since 1956.  Originally formed by Don Bellamy and Malcolm Nicholson as the Optimist Junior Pipe Band, the name was changed in 1963 to reflect the generous sponsorship and patronage of Nat Bailey and his White Spot Restaurants.  For almost 50 years the organization has provided instruction and encouragement to more than 500 young people. 

Read more about Malcolm Nicholson here.

Teaching In Harmony


The band currently has a membership of about 65 youth between the ages of 8 -18 at two different levels; beginner chanter & drum-pad and Grade 4 senior Pipe Band, as well as highland dancers.  Some of the current instructors are former students.  The organization promotes both team building and individual growth, urging children to compete in both individual and band competitions.   Between competitions, travel, and weekly band meetings, it is not unusual for life-long friendships to develop.

The Future Sounds Good


In addition to being dedicated to the musical development of youth, the White Spot Pipe Band has always emphasized a commitment to community, personal growth and development, and the preservation of Scottish heritage.  This includes Remembrance Day performances, the CIBC Run for the Cure, and many more opportunities to travel and support our community.  The 2022/23 season brings many exciting opportunities for all band members and dancers to be involved.

Piping Around the World
Travel with the Band


Over the years the band has traveled extensively throughout North America making several feature appearances at the Calgary Stampede and Parade and performing at three World Expositions; Expo ‘62 in Seattle, Expo ’67 in Montreal and Expo ‘86 in Vancouver.  White Spot was privileged to be the first pipe band to play at the ‘Arizona’ Memorial in Hawaii.  In 2012 the band travelled to Beijing, China to participate in the Beijing International Tourist Festival.  The band also participates in the Highland Games every year, ranging from Coquitlam to Seattle and in 2017 we participated in the Pleasanton Highland Games in record breaking heat of 40+ degrees!

Were you in the band? We'd love to hear from you.

Thank you for contacting us! We're looking to get feedback and memories from those who used to be in the band and thus are looking forward to your experiences.

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